Brexistential Angst


I don’t know what’s right or wrong
Who’s telling us the truth and who’s just stringing us along?
Do we need passports to visit Dublin Zoo?
I can’t tell fear-mongering from what’s honest, right or true

Racism’s been emboldened and that makes me feel sick
Are we dismantling our own humanity, brick by crumbling brick?
Politicians look like puppets from some macabre TV show
And what will happen in the future; no-one seems to know

Something’s really backwards when even little kids can see
The lies and games the villains play and their ugly treachery
“Cameron’s like Cornelius Fudge,” says my Harry-Potter-loving son
A six-year-old sees Claudius from Hamlet in Boris’ fakery and ‘fun’

‘Peace, peace,’ say some but is there any to be found?
When my eyes are closed at night I hear a cacophony of sound
Irony’s wrapped around us too tightly to unravel
We voted for immigration but fear we’ve lost our right to travel

We call out filthy racists yet Leave voters say they feel shamed
Regardless of how we voted should democracy be blamed?
Young lads raised in conflict are the ones speaking the most sense
Their wisdom penetrates my angry urge to build a fence

I can’t buy the notion that this Referendum was for the best
But maybe that just means I should give social media a rest
The atmosphere has changed and the trouble’s only just begun
Can we change it further and carry peace where there is none?

A friend says we need to meet people at the borders of our lives
On the margins of our comfort and in these new places of divide
I don’t know how to do that and I’m on the losing side
But my simple daily prayer is please let peace and love abide


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