The kids are counting out coppers and dreaming of the day when they’ll have saved enough money for an expensive piece of Star Wars lego.

“But when you buy something on the computer, do you actually have to pay for it?” asks the five year old.

His brother rolls his eyes and says yes, with a sigh.

“But who do you give your money to?” persists the five year old.


The seven-year-old comes running to check this with me. I explain how debit cards work, and suggest that they could give me their money once they’ve saved enough, and then I could order it online, using my debit card.

I’m presented with a yellow plastic bowl of two pence pieces.

“There’s seven pounds in here. It won’t take very long till I have forty-five!”

My heart aches.


2 thoughts on “Bless

  1. Honest Mum says:

    They are too cute!

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