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Love is…

Out of the blue, my eldest came out with this gem at bath-time the other night.

Him: I’ll never love her as much as you.

Me: Hmm?

Him: My other mum.

Me: Wha..? Um…

Him: — Innocent, adoring smile —

Me: Er, which other mum are we talking about?

Him: The one I’ll get if you die.

Me: *Cough… splutter… blush* Him: I’ll never love that one as much as I love you.

Me: Well thanks. I think. But I’ve no plans to die, and who told you you’d get another mum if I did?

Him: It’s just what happens. Someone at my school – their mum died and they got a new one. But I’ll always love you more than I’ll love the new mum.


Love notes from a seven year old

‘Yous’ is a distinctly local expression in these parts, which just makes this all the lovelier to me…


Make my year…

Some lovely anonymous dude nominated me in the MAD Blog Awards – that’s Mum And Dad bloggers, not kerazy ones.

So I’m up for Blogger of the Year and it would totally make my year to make the shortlist, never mind win.

If you fancy casting a vote my way you can do so here.

If I get short-listed, I have a little plan up my sleeve as a way of saying thank you to anyone who votes.

Is that bribery?

*Smiles sweetly*




On shouting at your kids… and forgiveness

It started with an ill-considered act of impulsivity. I guess all impulsive acts are ill-considered but anyway, he swung the front door recklessly so that it collided with his brother’s back, who was innocently trying to put his shoes on.

Was it deliberate? We’ll never know. He cried and, harassed and late again, I sighed. Then lost my mind.

Next – mid-lecture – he lost interest, rolled his eyes and let his right foot fly, karate-style. My jaw dropped open, letting more pointless words fly forth.

Bored, he interrupted and tried out a little insolence, so I shouted.

Because that’s effective parenting, oh yeah. Yelling at your kid until you’re hoarse is a well-known means of teaching your child how to behave. What a fool I am.

Things got worse, as they are wont to do once you’ve started yelling, but before too long we were making up. We’re exceptionally good at forgiveness in this house. It’s our redeeming feature.

I never anticipated that conflict would be such a regular feature of family life.

Afterwards I kick myself for not doing better. The irony is painful – he acts thoughtlessly or impulsively and I let rip. With thoughtless, impulsive over-reactions. Duh.

I hope you can forgive me, kid, for all those times I’ve yelled or just lacked the gentle, patient tone I know you need.

I am an idiot. But sometimes, so are you.

You’re also lovely, and so deserving of a less shouty mother.

Let’s not do this anymore.

Sharing is caring

I absolutely love this Sharing Experiment by Action Against Hunger.

Good work.

Watch it, have your heart warmed, share it with friends, then share what you can with children who are needlessly suffering from acute malnutrition.