I can’t seem to find my blogging rhythm, so to speak, so it’s a good job that fellow blogger Woodland Widow has seen fit to tag me in a blogging Q&A – thanks! – otherwise it could well be another fortnight before I find a moment to put fingertips to keyboard. So here goes:

1. What three words would your best friend use to describe you?
Feisty (but of course), funny, faithful.

2. What was the last book you read and what would you rate it out of ten?
Currently reading Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal (10/10) by Jeanette Winterson but before that it was The Peculiar Sadness of Lemon Cake and I’d give it a 7.

3. Do you have a faith?
Absolutely, though I’m more inclined to call it ‘faith’ rather than ‘a faith’. Semantics, maybe, but they matter. (To me, at least.)

4. What is your favourite thing to cook?
Ooh, tough call. Favourite thing? Hmm. I’m fickle so it changes with the wind but nutella cake, maybe. This one.

5. Do you keep in touch with many schoolfriends?
Yes, only one ‘properly’ but I wish I was better at keeping in touch with her. We did manage to meet up in Scotland last summer though, which isn’t bad going, I suppose. I’ve recently rekindled an email friendship with another school friend (but I’m shocking at replying to texts and emails on a regular basis) and I touch base from time to time with 4 or 5 others via Facebook and Twitter. Still in touch with all my girls from University though. Again, not often enough.

6. Are you happy with the area in which you live?
Yes, very much so. And according to the Office for National Statistics people who live in Northern Ireland are happier than people who live elsewhere in the UK.

7. What is currently must-see television for you?
I don’t really ‘do’ TV but I go through phases of watching a series compulsively. Grey’s Anatomy is my fave of all time and I’ve just recovered from a dodgy Eastenders stage and am fairly hooked on One Born Every Minute. Except it makes me cry and want (a) to become a midwife and (b) to have more babies, neither of which seems sensible, so I’ll try to wean myself off it soon.

8. Which musician/band always cheers you up when you hear their music?
Weirdly, I’m not really a music-to-cheer-you-up kind of person. I prefer my tunes with a bit of pathos and my go-to bands for that are Snow Patrol and Mumford and Sons. Original I am not, in a musical sense.

9. What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
Not telling. Except that while I don’t really ‘do’ pride I am very proud of myself for getting through it and coming out stronger. It’s the hard things that help you grow and mine made me ten feet tall and bullet-proof. The second hardest thing I’ve ever done was to sit helplessly in the back of an ambulance as it drove to hospital at high speed on blue lights while I watched paramedics work on my 18-month old baby just after he suffered a febrile seizure in the car park outside Halfords. I thought he was dying in my arms and every time I’m in that car park or even see a Halfords ad on TV I can literally taste raw fear. The third hardest thing was being present at the one and only birth I’ve attended (except that of my sons) and realising that all was not well with the baby as the room filled with medical staff and the baby was whisked to intensive care before his mum had even clapped eyes on him. He’s a gorgeous, healthy young man now.

10. What car do you drive?
A silver one. Ha!

11. Flat shoes or high heels?
Heels in my heart, flats for the life I really live.

I think I’m supposed to tag other bloggers and set a list of questions for you to answer but if you want to join in leave me a comment and I’ll dream up some questions for you.


One thought on “Q&A

  1. Alex says:

    lol, like buses, you wait ages for a tag and then three come along at once… I’ve just tagged you as well, see http://www.littlemissmadamandthesunshineduke.blogspot.com 🙂

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