Nutella cake: it’s medicinal

So much to say, so little time for blogging of late but in lieu of a proper post here are a few highlights from the week thus far…

Nutella cake – I have yet to encounter a trial that cannot, at least in some way, be eased by a slice of this cake. Preferably hot from the oven. Leave out the cinnamon and nuts. Once cooled slather it with nutella. (Best cake frosting in the world, ever.)

After writing about ‘mental health days for kids’ (aka letting your kids skive off when they can’t face the classroom) for Ready for Ten I decided to break with convention and allow my five-year-old a ‘duvet day’ at home this week. Technically he was under the weather so it probably doesn’t really count but I can report that it was a roaring success. He’s prone to begging to stay home from school on a regular basis so I was concerned this might set an unhelpful precedent – but this evening he announced that he never wants to miss another day of school. Why? Because he loves homework so much and feels short-changed at having missed a night’s worth of delicious homework this week. I just know that, one day in the not-too-distant future, I’ll be recounting this to a recalcitrant teenager…

And finally, it has become evident that I should go on luxurious press trips much more often. After two night’s away on last week’s exploration of Belfast I was afraid I might come home to unwashed kids who hadn’t eaten anything of any nutritional value, and who had been allowed (nay, actively encouraged) by their father to play Star Wars Lego on the Wii until their eyes bled. How wrong I was. Today after school my kids rushed straight towards the TV… to watch another episode of the BBC’s Planet Earth. Their Daddy introduced them to it while I was away, and they literally can’t get enough of that series, which beats virtually beating up Lego versions of themselves any day. Their half-baked re-telling of some of the amazing facts they pick up is seriously comical.

I wonder how long before I can justifiably squeeze in another press trip…


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