Do kids need duvet days?

I wrote a piece for Ready for Ten this week about whether kids need duvet days, inspired by something writer Liz Dawes mentioned  recently on Twitter about how having a ‘mental health day’ off school had done wonders for her daughter’s wellbeing.

As I’ve said in the post, duvet days aren’t an option in our house but Liz’s sensitivity towards her daughter’s mental health got me thinking. I’d love to hear from other mums on the subject – is a day off school for a child who isn’t ill ever justified? Do you think it’s a responsible way to safeguard a child’s wellbeing or is it just being a pushover?


5 thoughts on “Do kids need duvet days?

  1. Mary says:

    Well, ill…Not sure why Liz let her daughter stay home – what was going on in her daughter’s life that just taking some time out, and maybe getting some time with her Mum, would help – but those situations are SO real. They’re more real than the coughs and fevers because those things will pass – our bodies are so wonderfully made, that given some basic ingredients, they will recover from minor bumps and scrapes and overcome nasty germs.
    But the stuff that gets in our heads – the relationships – the misunderstandings – the dreams and aspirations – that’s the stuff that, given time, will make us who we are – will carry us through life – will eventually become a path that we can travel down time and time again and I for one want to help my children create a good path. Now I haven’t done this yet, but I think sometimes taking time out from the situation (if it’s at school) could be just the thing to get over a minor bump in the road.

  2. Dettie says:

    i think it it is really good for a child to have an occasional “duvet” day – I need them too!!!! I was a single mum with 5 children. They each used to have 2 duvet days a year, so it gave me a chance to have valuable one to one time with them. They are all grown up now and looking back, can so how important these times were!

  3. Feisty Mama says:

    Hey thanks for your comments. Really thought-provoking. I’ve completely changed my mind on this!

  4. Jo says:

    I too am totally in favour of duvet days. I think the worry that if we allow it our child will keep asking, or be sent a bad message, is unfounded. I believe that showing children that we are willing to be flexible doesn’t show weakness – it shows that we’re reasonable, fair and understanding, and I think they’ll respect us all the more for it.

    Also a child’s relationship with their parent is more important that a day at school. One to one time is invaluable, especially if we sense that our child is feeling needy.

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