Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Flickr: jumer

Incase you’ve ever wondered about the definition of irony, let me suggest it’s this:

Having the illustrious Mumsnet – Mumsnet, oh my! – name you as their blogger of the week, describing you thusly:

“From telecommuting to mummyblogging, this working mum’s clued up about today’s parenting debates. Meet a blogger who’s sassy, stressed – but still smiling.”

… Then utterly losing your marbles at bath-time and banishing both kids to bed without stories.

I didn’t even brush their teeth.

It was that bad.

Sassy and smiling?

So ironic it hurts.



4 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

  1. … and I LOVE your tagline. ‘Barely coping since 2005’ … that is so me. Except I’ve been barely coping since 1991.

  2. Feisty Mama says:

    Thanks. Tell me it gets easier… 😉

  3. Emma says:

    Great blog- love it!! Well done for being blogger of the week as well. I too am in Northern Ireland but am relatively new to the blogosphere – I’m 4 boys and a girl myself and can identify with so many of your sentiments. Loved your piece about time for yourself- I think I know the hotel of which you speak- delicious! Emmaxx

  4. Feisty Mama says:

    How funny, Emma, I wonder if it is the same hotel… so good to ‘meet’ another Norn Iron blogger. Will drop you a line via your blog and look forward to reading…

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