A hoover: a gift-wrapped insult?

Flickr: MildlyDiverting

I’m blogging at In The Powder Room today… and confessing to wanting a new hoover for Christmas.

Apparently that’s a divisive and controversial issue among women. Some say a kitchen appliance or a household item doesn’t ‘count’ as a present, and that any man who popped an iron under the tree could reasonably expect it to be his very last Christmas on earth.

I say nonsense. Giving me a hoover for Christmas is not a cold, covert way of implying that my rightful place is barefoot in the kitchen, chained to the sink.

I don’t need gift-wrapped useless bling to prove that I am loved. But my floors need a bloody good clean.

I wonder if we sometimes adhere to feminism when equality suits us – such as when it comes to equal pay or the freedom to have careers as well as kids – but happily ascribe to inequality at other times?

Are we fair-weather feminists if we give men power tools and shaving accessories as presents but find the idea of receiving household appliances as gifts offensive?

To my mind, being a feminist means that my femininity – indeed my identity – is secure enough to be able to handle a hoover for Christmas.

It’s not a step backwards or a sign that I’m unravelling everything Women’s Lib accomplished for me. It’s a practical present that means I’ll spend less of next year sweeping floors and more of it drinking gin and reading magazines.

It’s not a gift-wrapped insult  – it’s just a hoover.

Suck it up.


10 thoughts on “A hoover: a gift-wrapped insult?

  1. liza ackermann says:

    “It’s just a hoover- suck it up”. Love the punchline!

  2. Better than a vacuum – he could get you a cleaner!

  3. Nice, well-argued piece. I agree with you.

  4. Nah…I would prefer to give HIM a hoover for Xmas. I will take the power tools…

  5. Feisty Mama says:

    Hmm I don’t fancy the power tools but giving him the hoover, now that’s a great idea…

  6. Well put and absolutely true. I asked my husband for a Hoover (well, a Miele actually – thought he could shell out) for my birthday. Never use it but it looks lovely in the understairs cupboard. He, meanwhile, asked me for saucepans for his big day since I’ve burnt the bottoms of all of ours. Equality in action!

  7. Feisty Mama says:

    I can’t believe you have a Miele and don’t use it! That’s worse than asking for diamonds then leaving them in the box. Shocking. Love the saucepan equality though – hope he at least uses them!

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