Motherhood makes your voice stronger

No time to blog – too busy having it all, also known as burning the candle at both ends trying to eke out a living while keeping small children alive and well – but I love the story that Mariah Carey says motherhood made her voice stronger.

According to Mariah, who gave birth to twins in April, says pregnancy improved her famous voice:

“Right now I feel like pregnancy actually helped me vocally… At this moment my voice is in great shape.” 

It strikes me as a shame that this brilliant statement has garnered so much less attention than Mariah’s body and the fact that she’s lost her ‘baby weight’ – why do we reduce new motherhood to being all about the way we look, when the real changes it engenders are so unseen?

What’s really interesting about motherhood is not what size your jeans are six months later, but how it changes the language and landscape of who you are inside.

Having a baby changes your body, we all know that, but it can also change your voice.

I like to think motherhood made my ‘voice’ stronger too… although I still can’t hold a note.


2 thoughts on “Motherhood makes your voice stronger

  1. amotherknows says:

    I agree! So ridiculous how all society focuses on is appearance. I have found having a baby has really made me enjoy music and singing in a new way too, now I have someone to play music with and sing to!

  2. Sally Ann says:

    FAB! True for me too, in so many ways… xx

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