Empty cups and coffee kicks

Please excuse the shameless plug but I’ve got a new gig over at In The Powder Room…

I’ve been blogging there for a year or so but as of today I’m one of the regular Home Time columnists, writing every Monday about all things, er, house and home.

Today I’m wittering over there about why modern mums don’t need gin and valium, thanks to the much more readily-available drug of choice – a good, strong cup of fresh coffee.

Which reminds me. What fills your cup? The back-story to that question is explained in this post at In The Powder Room, and the forlorn pic to the left is a snap of my coffee cup from Saturday morning.

Alas, I managed to drop it before I’d even had a sip.

Quelle horreur. But doesn’t it poignantly sum up what it feels like to have a proverbial empty cup?

Anyway, here’s how the ITPR gals describe what Home Time is about:-

Yves Saint Laurent once wrote: ‘The most beautiful clothing that a woman can wear is the arms of the man that she loves.  For those who haven’t had the chance to find that happiness, I am here.’

Here at In The Powder Room we say: ‘It would be lovely if our homes were immaculate and our dinners Michelin-starred.  But for those who will never attain this perfection, we are here.”

As Yves himself probably never said; J’adore that.

So, whether you’re a fellow caffeine fan or can’t stand the stuff, I’d love to ‘see’ you at In The Powder Room.

And whatever fills your cup, may it be overflowing!


2 thoughts on “Empty cups and coffee kicks

  1. amotherknows says:

    I can’t believe I went through the nightmare of giving up my daily coffee when I was pregnant, now that with a baby I am well and truly addicted again. It’s a hard thing to give up and very easy to love.

  2. heidiscrim says:

    I’ll drink (a nice smooth Java) to that!

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